Gearbox refurbishment

Power Transmission is highly dependent on reliable performance of the gearbox.  Being a critical device, gearbox needs to be installed, used, maintained, repaired, and refurbished with utmost care. Over the years, gearbox repair in India has seen service techniques getting optimized to enhance the device’s performance and longevity.

Signs of a malfunctioning Gearbox

The gearbox, like any other device, will alert you in case of a malfunction. Make sure to notice them in time. Although a complete analysis is required, factors such as cost, time, accessibility, and availability of skilled labor may hamper the scope of the inspection. 

Common signs of malfunctioning in early stages: 


A considerable variation in temperature of the gearbox indicates that something isn’t operating optimally. Smoke from shafts & seals, sudden raise in bearing temperature, sump oil temperature or drain oil temperature are the symptoms that the gearbox is overheated. 


A malfunctioning gearbox will begin to make rattling, high pitch mesh noises. These noises are generally due to the gear improper meshing  and localized loading.  Gears if operated under such condition tend to fail resulting in intermittent noise and spike vibration. Many times, uneven wear in bearings can also cause tooth contact to shift resulting in high noise. 


If you notice gear pitting, scuffing or crack during gearbox visual inspection through inspection window cover, the gearbox needs immediate attention. Running gearbox under such conditions is likely to cause sudden failure of gears, consequential damage to connecting machines and even cause accidents when broken tooth hits gearbox casing due to high surface velocity. 


The alignment between drive and driven equipment with respect to gearbox changes based on condition of connecting equipment and its foundation. The misalignment during running would lead to high bearing temperature and shaft vibrations. This in-turn damages gearbox bearings and gears. 

Oil Spill

Oil leakage occurs in case oil baffle clearance increases, choking of oil drain line in baffle or high vapor pressurization in gearbox due to non-operation of vapor extractor in tank or blockage of air breather. Oil spill can also cause fire hence it needs to be addressed to prevent any accident at site. 

The magnitude of repair is always based on early detection of the problem and techniques used in repair based on the latest technical know-how of the industry it’s associated with. 

Let’s discuss the Gearbox Refurbishment

Well-crafted SOP for carrying out the detailed inspection coupled with an experienced skill set in trouble shooting to identify the root-cause of failure will decide the quality of refurbishment conducted on the gearbox.  Qualitative expertise of the technician is the key to the success of gearbox refurbishment which literally brings the gearbox proximate to its original performance level.

Additionally, manufacturing and quality infrastructure plays a pivotal role.  

Gearbox refurbishment is an essential service that ensures the high performance and trouble-free operation of various industrial equipment. Reverse engineering technology has made it possible to refurbish gearboxes and restore their functionality. With decades of experience, many companies have contributed to the growth of various industries across the application spectrum.

The repair and refurbishment of gearboxes 

It is necessary to keep the equipment running optimally, resulting in high production output. In case of a failure, a two-pronged strategy is adopted, which involves a short-term and long-term solution. The short-term solution entails minor gearbox repair to maximize equipment uptime, while a long-term solution involves major repair and replacement of gearbox parts to increase reliability.

It involves diagnostic study, health check-up, overhauling, upgradation and automation of existing plants, installation and commissioning, on-site training and assistance. The analysis and diagnosis are presented in a detailed report with after-sales support to ensure the best possible solution for gearbox refurbishment.

Gearbox refurbishment services includes on-site support, complete gearbox inspection at the workshop, visual analysis of wear and tear, , replacement with genuine high-functioning parts, assembly, testing, and external painting, if required. Companies providing such services are a one-stop solution for all the aforementioned activities, providing 360° services throughout the product lifecycle at a significantly lower cost, maximizing uptime and performance.

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