DTDC is a well-known courier service provider in India, aiding businesses and individuals with dependable and affordable domestic shipping solutions along with other specialised services. It includes a comprehensive tracking system that allows you to monitor the movement of your goods during the entire shipping journey.             

DTDC’s Express Parcels Vertical provides a wide range of domestic products and services for documents and parcels of various sizes, including part-truckload shipments, to C2C and B2B customers. Their product line includes affordable ground express solutions as well as time-sensitive express services. You may easily send papers and packages of any size to practically any place in India thanks to their enormous delivery network, which presently caters to 96% of the country’s population.   

Why Choose DTDC?

For businesses and customers, DTDC tracking is a game changer, providing transparency, accountability, and peace of mind.  Businesses may streamline their operations, exceed customer expectations, and address any possible difficulties early by tracking shipments along the delivery process.  Customers, on the other hand, can track their packages and precisely predict delivery timings, resulting in a more satisfying shipping experience.

How To Use DTDC Courier Tracking Services?

DTDC has a wide range of options available to use its courier tracking services. Some of them are mentioned below:

Using the DTDC Tracking Website

Visit the DTDC website and click the ”Track Your Shipment” link. In the designated box, enter your AWB/consignment number or reference number, then select ”Track.” The website will display the current status of your shipment, as well as any information on when it was dispatched, its arrival at the destination, or when it was delivered.   

Using DTDC SMS Tracker

Send a text with “DTDC(space)Consignment Number” to 9845324040 to track your shipment. For instance, you would send the message “DTDC X98765432” if your consignment number was X98765432. You will receive a text message with the current status of your package, including the location and the expected delivery date.

Using the DTDC Mobile App

Download the “MyDTDC” mobile app from Google Play or App Store.

Go to the “Track Your Shipment” area after giving the app the necessary permissions. When you’ve entered your AWB or consignment number, select “Track.” The app will provide the current status of your delivery as well as the expected time and date of arrival. 

Using NimbusPost

Visit the DTDC website and click on the “Track Your Shipment” button to track the package using NimbusPost. You will be asked to provide your consignment number and opt for either domestic or international shipping. You will be able to see the current status of your shipment, including the location and projected arrival date, once you provide the details. 

By logging into a free account, you may also utilise the NimbusPost service to track numerous shipments at once. You may save your consignment numbers and check the status of your shipments all in one location using this tool. You may also receive email or SMS notifications for shipment updates. 

NimbusPost provides a more thorough view of your shipment’s progress, including the time of delivery, the identity of the person who signed for the box, and the parcel’s location in transit. It is an excellent tool for customers who want a more detailed view of the progress of their cargo and expect timely updates about the status of their shipment. 

Sending an Email to DTDC Customer Support

Another way to track your package is to send an email to DTDC customer service. Send an email to customersupport@dtdc.com with the subject “TRACKConsignment Number” in the body. To be on the safe side, include the word “Track” in the subject line. The most recent shipping status will be sent to you by return mail within 24 hours. 

DTDC Customer Care Number

Users can connect to DTDC’s customer support through the contact numbers given below, depending on their regions:       

Bangalore: 7305770577

Chennai: 7305770577

Delhi: 7305770577

Kolkata: 7305770577

Mumbai: 7305770577


Since the 1990s, DTDC has been a crucial player in efficiently transferring goods from one location to another. For more than a decade, their effective service in both the B2B and B2C sectors has elevated the company to the ranks of India’s premier integrated express logistics providers. Today, the DTDC has evolved from a home-grown courier to a recognized global express logistics player that offers a comprehensive range of tech-enabled logistics solutions to a diverse range of customers across diverse industry verticals.  

NimbusPost, one of the leading shipping aggregators in the country, partners with the top 27+ courier partners, one of which is DTDC, which offers dependable and cost-effective shipping alternatives to several e-commerce businesses in India and abroad. However, If you do not want to limit yourself to just one carrier, you can connect to NimbusPost to get the best alternative and competitive rates.       

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