Planning application drawing

Whether you’re planning for an extension to your home, renovating your kitchen, or building a new structure, you’ll need a set of planning application drawings and architectural drafting services. These drawings will help you to visualize your project so that you can make the most of your space. You can also use the drawings to obtain planning approval for your project.

Block plan

Having a block plan in your planning application drawings and architectural drafting services arsenal is a good idea, especially if you are planning on doing something bigger with your property. These are standard drawings that your local planning authority will be happy to see.

A block plan will show you where the trees, fences and hard surface areas are located on your property. They are also a good reference for any prospective buyer. A block plan is not only a useful reference, it can help your local planning authority gauge the impact of your proposed development on the local area.

A block plan is not the only type of plan your local planning authority will want to see. There are also site plans, and they are often used in conjunction with a block plan.

A site plan is a must for any planning application drawing. They show not only the area where you want to build your house, but also the roads and utilities that will get you there.

Site plan

Whether you are applying for planning permission or simply planning your landscape, a site plan is essential. The site plan will help you layout your building and ensure that it complies with all local building codes.

Site plans can be prepared in 2D or 3D. AutoCAD is a professional drafting software that can produce a realistic 3D model of your property. The best site plans will allow you to edit and change the plan after it is complete. A site plan is a detailed map that shows the location of the proposed site and all existing structures and landscape features. 

Site plans are based on investigative activities, soil studies, and environmental assessments. The site plan includes information on the site’s topography, earthworks, and external services. It also includes information on parking, landscape, and traffic flow. It is usually drawn at a scale of 1:200 or 1:500.


Using architectural drawings without permission is an infringement of copyright. A copyright owner can grant a license to use the work, but they will also likely charge a fee. This can be very expensive. The best way to avoid copyright infringement is not to provide the original drawings to a new architect.

When a developer receives planning permission for a building, they must provide plans and specifications in order to receive approval. The planning drawings are usually posted on the planning portal. Normally, anyone can download these plans and print them, but the owner of the copyright is the one who controls the use of the drawings.

The new developer downloaded approved planning application drawing and used them for marketing. He then instructed the new architects to make a few changes to the original drawings. The construction work was carried out in accordance with the modified drawings.

The original developer had obtained planning permission for a conversion of the building. The original developer used independent architects to prepare the plans, but the new developer was found to have copied the planning drawings.

Architectural Drafting is a very complex process, which is not only time-consuming but also extremely complicated. It involves drawing the building plans and sections of buildings from scratch.

The most common way to draw architectural drawings is using CAD software. However, there are many other ways to do it. One of them is using a 3D modeling computer program called SketchUp. The software allows users to draw and edit architectural plans in its own three-dimensional space as well as interactively design buildings from scratch. It also has an online community where users can share their ideas on how they would like their buildings to look like in real life.

Concept of Architectural Drafting

The concept of architectural drafting is to create an accurate drawing for a specific purpose like home, renovating your kitchen, or building a new structure. Architectural drafting is the process of creating a drawing of any building or structure. It involves various aspects such as dimension, construction details, structural details, and so on.

It is important that the architect who draws the drawing has a thorough knowledge of the building materials and their usage in the structure. The architect also needs to be familiar with the building’s history and its current condition. Architects use this knowledge when they draw drawings for any new construction project or renovation work.

In addition to this, architects also need to be familiar with different types of buildings like office buildings, schools etc., which require different types of drawings for their construction projects. If an architect does not have enough knowledge about these structures, he may end up making mistakes when he draws them in his drawings. This may lead to costly mistakes in designing these structures and lead to loss of time in completing their projects at a faster pace.

Architects, architects and planning consultants

Architects, architects and planning consultants will all benefit from the use of AI in architectural drafting services. They can create drawings at a much faster pace as they don’t need to spend hours on making a drawing and then go through it again.

In the past, architects and planners had to draw everything from scratch or use the services of a drafting agency. Now, with the help of AI, they can do it all by themselves.

Architects and Developers need to draw architectural plans for the construction of buildings. They need to draw the plan in a manner that is easy to understand and follow.

Planning application drawing is the process of designing a building. It involves taking all the elements of the building and putting them together to create a final plan.

Architectural Drafting Services

Architectural Drafting Services is a very important service for architects, developers and designers. They help them to plan their projects and make sure that the required services are delivered on time.

Planning application drawing

Planning application drawing is a process of drawing plans and specifications in an architect’s office. Architectural Drafting Services is a service that helps companies to draw architectural drawings.

There are many different types of drawing services. They range from simple sketches to detailed architectural drawings. These services are usually done by a full-time architect and need to be drawn in a certain way.

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Planning applications are a common part of the architecture process. They are often drawn up in a way that is not efficient or is not suitable for the client’s requirements. Our website provide you full details.

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