Best B Pharma Colleges in West Bengal

B Pharma is a bachelor’s course for those aspirants who wish to become a pharmacist. The course deals with knowledge about biochemical sciences and their impact on the healthcare industry. Many top B Pharma colleges in West Bengal offer both practical and theoretical subjects and offer students a chance to get total clarity on the insights and structure of the subject. The course is the most preferred choice among science students as it offers good returns with a great annual salary.

Scope and job options after B Pharma course

B Pharma colleges in West Bengal

After obtaining a degree from the best pharma colleges in Kolkata, the scope of pharmacy in India varies. The course prepares students for a career in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector. After completion, graduates can get a well-paying job right graduation or they can also choose for higher studies too. Below we have listed some job options after B Pharma that you can choose from as per your interest:


With a degree from the best B Pharma colleges in West Bengal, graduates can work as a pharmacist and are responsible for interpreting doctor’s notes and compounding and dispensing prescription medications. Their duty is to teach patients how to take them and what side effects and adverse drug interactions are. Their role also includes maintaining accurate customer and medication records, verifying order entries, and removing expired drugs.

Staff pharmacist

It is another job after completing the B Pharma course. A staff pharmacist is responsible for reviewing doctor’s prescriptions, preparing and dispensing education, and providing customers with directions for their safe usage. Their responsibilities include checking supplies in inventory, managing billings, ordering replacements, and maintaining customer records. Some staff pharmacists also get trained as pharmacy technicians, support specialists, and service representatives.

Medical representatives

Medical representative is also a job role for graduates with a Pharma degree from the best pharma colleges in Kolkata. Their work is to promote and sell medications and medical equipment to pharmacists, doctors as well as health care professionals. To excel in the job role, a person should have in-depth knowledge of the medicines they sell. They also have to possess excellent interpersonal skills to build customer relationships.

Pharmacist in charge

With a degree in hand from the best colleges like GNIPST, graduates can work as a pharmacist in charge. They are responsible for all daily operational activities in the pharmacy, ensure compliance with legal regulations, and supervise staff pharmacists. Their work also includes writing standard operating procedures and providing advice and guidance to the quality department. They also check product accuracy too.

Clinical research associate

B Pharma degree courses of top b pharma colleges in West Bengal preparing students to be hired as clinical research associates. They are the experts who conduct research studies and clinical trials to ascertain the safety of biotechnological and pharmaceutical products. They also connect with doctors and an ethics committee to ensure the rights and safety of people participating in the trials.

Pharmacy Manager

B Pharma degree gets you hired as a pharmacy manager, who is an expert in handling the daily operational responsibilities of a pharmacy. Their work involves:

  • Arranging product displays
  • Dispensing over-the-counter medications
  • Advising them on the correct usage of medicines
  • They also train and supervise the staff, manage inventory, and maintain records.

Research Scientist

With a degree from top B Pharmacy colleges in Kolkata, graduates can work as research scientists, and their work is to research various pharmaceutical topics. To do this, they plan research studies, devise research strategies, and establish research protocols. After analysing all collected data, they publish reports, white papers, and articles.

After completing their degree course from one of the top B Pharma colleges in West Bengal, students can choose from the job profiles listed above. You can enrol in GNIPST, one of the best pharma colleges in Kolkata, to get the degree. It is well known for its academic excellence, research, placement facilities, and co-curricular activities. The institute is equipped with the best infrastructure facilities.

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