Christmas bells are ringing right around the corner, and here you’re looking for the show-stopping watch to wear to Christmas dinner and parties. Honestly, there’s no better time to pick up a timepiece than when stores like The Luxury Hut offer serious discounts on a wide selection of pre-owned luxury watches on the top watch models.

When it comes to picking the perfect watch, the endless brand options can make you feel overwhelmed! So, let us help you with the best. Here we have listed the ultra-classic, and super good-looking luxury timepieces that we are sure will demand the gaze of all.  

6 luxury watch brands that will look great on Christmas Eve

1.      ROLEX

Needing no introduction, the famous Crown brand sits comfortably on the top of all watch charts. It is a name that is impossible to beat regarding quality, design and innovation. Rolex watches adorn the best quality materials, from precious metals to rare stones, making the timepieces second to none. Over the years, the brand has become the symbol of luxury, status and success. Therefore, wearing such a timepiece to the Christmas dinner will definitely get the eyes rolling. If you think you’ve been particularly good this year, reward yourself with a Rolex. You deserve it!


Are you a man or woman of sophistication? A Breitling watch has all the connotations you could possibly ask for in a sophisticated luxury timepiece. Not only does it have a remarkable design, but the timepieces are renowned for their exceptional precision and quality. Originally designed for the aviation industry, the watches are now popular for their functionality and aesthetics. With a Breitling on your wrist, you could walk in style to the office, leisure or an evening party. The watches come in various styles and designs to cater to all tastes and preferences.

3.      OMEGA

Do you want to make a statement with one of the biggest watchmakers on your wrist? Look no further than Omega, a brand long associated with sports, sailing, the Moon landing, and James Bond. Precise engineering, robust architecture, and instantly recognisable designs are some of the attributes that represent an Omega timepiece. The brand’s timeless watches are perfect for the festive season and throughout the year. If you’re a Bond fanatic, this is ‘the watch’ for you. Omega hosts a series of iconic creations crafted from high-quality materials. Browse and buy the Omega that highlights your personality.

4.      CARTIER

Cartier is a classic watch designer, and there’s no second thought. Even though it’s true that the French brand has more jewellery than watches, the exclusivity of the timepieces speaks enough on its behalf. It’s the quality, not the quantity that matters. When it comes to luxury watches, we immediately think of precious metals, cutting-edge movements, diamonds and all things precious. Cartier humbly abides by it all to create stylish, superlative and iconic timepieces. The brand never fails to amuse with its stunning creations, whether jewellery or a watch. You can surf through the stunning men’s and women’s collections to pick yours. There’s nothing classier than a Cartier.


Screaming luxury-and quite rightly so-Patek Philippe timepieces are nothing short of royalty. It is one of those prestigious watchmakers who take great pride in their creative excellence and have continued to amaze with their unsurpassed attention to detail, finishing and craftsmanship. The watches are the most sought-after, and one can easily recognise them across the room. Thanks to the incredible designs! Some watches have stories to tell, and Patek surely counts itself amongst them. You’ll love showing it off at every opportunity. If it’s been a rough year, spoil yourself this Christmas with a nice Patek Philippe that fits best to your wrist.


A watch is for life and not just Christmas. Of course, it can be for both. For some, watch aesthetics go beyond what meets the eye. And Audemars Piguet is a brand that remarkably stands out with its indomitable characteristics. Be it visually or functionally, the watches are, in a word, a collector’s item. The brand has meticulously designed the watches with all the intrinsic elements using precious materials. AP is most famous for creating luxury sports timepieces, hands-down one of the best in the league. Apart from this, you can buy AP dress watches with a more elegant profile to wear with sporting and casual attire. Whatever the scenario, rest assured to spread that ‘spark’ which may ignite a passion for watches in others.


This Christmas, arrive with a unique style and complication on your wrist. These Swiss watch brands are the best and have the ‘wow’ factor making them suitable for any occasion.

Vintage, modern, rare or any limited-edition variant, The Luxury Hut’s exclusive Christmas collection wraps it all! Shop the best watches at up to 40% off and get them delivered in a week! After all, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating Christmas early.

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