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The term ‘beauty’ has changed with the changing world and time. Nowadays, our beauty lies more in body language and how we present ourselves. So that’s why it’s important to improve our outer beauty and inner beauty by being kinder, more humble, and more knowledgeable. 

To improve our inner beauty and personality, we can rely on life-changing books, communication skills, dressing sense, and having a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

But what can we do to improve our outer beauty? Well, most of us will answer, ‘ by taking care of our skin and body and hair and wearing a suitable outfit.’ Well, that’s true. But we forget something which helps to connect with people faster.

Yes, our smile. 

A smile is the only part of our body by which we can achieve the hardest thing in this world if we want. And our smile is related to our teeth and oral health. So how can we forget to take care of our dental parts?

Brushing with just toothpaste and mouth is not the only thing to look for. We should fix any oral problem if that makes you lose your confidence and smile.

So rather than curing, we should prevent that trouble from its root to achieve a dream smile.

Most of the tooth disease is related to orthodontic treatment. And orthodontic problems can be solved with metal braces. But here goes another problem. People don’t want to use braces for comfortable issues and the unaesthetic appearance it makes. That’s why they are afraid to treat their problems.

But orthodontic problems can create big issues like tooth decay, cavity, wear and tear of the tooth, and other oral infections.

That’s why brands like Illusion Aligners have come up with clear aligners to achieve your dream smile without hesitation and uncomfortable issues.

Definition of clear aligners

Clear aligners are an innovation from medical science and work like magic. They work as accurately as metal braces but far better than braces whether it comes to your comfort and looks. It’s completely transparent and made out of resin plastic. The amazing part is that aligners are customized for anyone. And that’s why it perfectly fits in your mouth. 

Aligners are structured like your teeth and have plates that help the teeth get in shape.

How do clear aligners work?

After you are detected with orthodontic problems, your doctor will take a 3D scan of your mouth to make the aligners. In the first few months, you will get the clear aligners to get used to them, and it will prepare the teeth for the next session. However, it will slightly move the teeth, and you have to go for the second session.

You might not take much time to improve if you have worn braces since childhood. But if it’s your first time with any dental appliance, you must keep patience. It has plates that will tighten the teeth and push them forward to get in line. However, it will not take more than one and a half years.

However, if your problem is mild, or you need that perfection for that better smile, it will take hardly four to five months.

Who can use aligners?

Clear aligners are specially designed for teens over sixteen to adults. They are strictly prohibited for children. Because children have a very sensitive jawline and teeth, they can’t take the pressure created by the plates. Their jawline is in growing mode, so it’s a complicated case for children.

Even if you are an adult, if your jawline is not that strong to take the pressure, it’s better to stay away. There are more treatments and surgeries you can pursue to cure the problem. However, kindly contact your dentist for more professional advice regarding using aligners.

How are aligners better than braces?

To get more clear with the topic, here are some tips for choosing aligners over braces

  • Apart from its resin body, clear aligners are transparent as well. They are free from any metal strings. They can barely notice the aligners. So that’s why nobody would know the difference if you were them. 
  • The metal strings attached to the brace cause cuts and scratches inside the mouth; our inside mouth skin is sensitive and soft, so those cuts easily result in bleeding and wounds inside the mouth. But no such things are happening with aligners. They are free from any harsh edges and easily get fit in the teeth.
  • It’s hard to clean the teeth with braces. When you wear braces, the bristles of the brush can’t reach every corner of the mouth, especially those bristles get stuck into the strings; that’s why it’s a big trouble in daily life. Aligners are best in this case. Because aligners come with a removable body, you can easily remove them while brushing your teeth and wear them again after completing the routine. It’s as easy as that.
  • Sticky, crunchy, and hard food is harmful to your braces, that’s why you can’t even eat your favourite food with peace, but braces allow you to do whatever you want without hesitation.
  • While braces are hard to clean, you can easily wash your aligners with regular toothpaste and warm water.  

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