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Who doesn’t want to have the perfect pearly whites that shine brighter than diamonds? Brighter teeth are always in demand. People have been obsessed with having a brother and clear teeth since the beginning of time. Even in modern times, there are a number of individuals who use home remedies to whiten their teeth. Using lemon juice and baking soda are well known for their bleaching characteristics. This is why they are also safe to consume if you use them on your canines.

 But unfortunately, these tactics can take a long time to show results. This is Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is the Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth. This way you can save your time and effort and have the best results in a short time! Here’s everything you should know about getting your teeth whitened by a professional.

What is Professional Teeth Whitening?

The process of using hydrogen peroxide to remove yellowing is commonly known as professional teeth whitening. This process shouldn’t be performed at home and it is recommended that you get this treatment done by a dentist. This process is safe and effective as compared to alternatives. It is also a more cost-effective method as compared to investing in alternative options.
How is this process performed?

  • First, the dentist will examine your teeth to determine how yellow they are.
  • Then he will polish the yellowed tooth with the help of a pumice tool.
  • He will remove any plaque that is left
  • Next, the dentist will use a few tools to make sure that your mouth remains open during the process.
  • He will use a barrier on the gum line so the whitening agent doesn’t touch the inside of your mouth.
  • The dentist will apply the agent to your teeth for an hour.
  • He will then use light activation on your teeth.
  • If the agent does not wash away the yellow, he will reapply the agent.
  • After an hour, the dentist will rinse your mouth and apply fluoride.

Why Professional Teeth Whitening is the Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth?

Getting a professional to polish your pearly whites has its own perks and benefits. Most home solutions and kits are not up to the mark or are expensive alternatives. The following are some reasons Why Professional Teeth Whitening is the Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth:

  1. Enhance the overall appearance of your teeth. The treatment will make your teeth appear more attractive, making you more approachable
  •  Use the treatment as a confidence booster. Studies have shown that people with whiter teeth are preferred more during job interviews and social interactions.
  • Appear younger than your current age. Pigment in our food can discolor our teeth over time. Hence brighter teeth symbolize youth and beauty.
  • You can achieve better results in under an hour. Other alternatives can take weeks before results show. So this is a time-saving method.
  • Finish off your braces treatment with teeth polishing, since braces can leave black or yellow marks on the teeth.

  • This process is safe and secure. Most home kits can ruin your enamel, making the teeth turn yellow over time. They can also cause problems in your teeth.
  • A safe method that protects your gums from irritation. Since each person has different teeth, professional teeth whitening methods will protect your gums from damage.
  • You can customize the shade of your teeth. This helps achieve a more natural look as compared to home kits. So its better to get the process done by a dentist
  • Protects teeth from sensitivity. Since home kits can break down the enamel, professional care includes taking care of your teeth sensitivity as well.

Does Professional Teeth Whitening Damage Teeth?

The best part about getting your teeth polished by a dentist is that your teeth will not face any damage. So it is a safe and efficient method that whitens your teeth without harming them. Most of the home whitening kits available contain harmful chemicals.

These chemicals not only cause harm to the fleshy parts of the mouth, but they also damage the teeth. The chemicals can break down the enamel in the teeth, causing early decay and cavities. So for the safety and longevity of your pearls, you should only get the procedure done by a dentist.

How long do the results of Professional Teeth Whitening Last?

Getting your teeth polished the professional way lasts a long time. Depending on external factors, the results may last around 6 months up to 3 years.  This major gap between the variations depends on the person’s lifestyle and diet. If you are careful with what you eat and what you do, your polish will last 3 years. However, if you smoke, drink coffee or red wine, and like eating berries, then your polish might not last more than 8 months

Where to get Professional Teeth Whitening from?

You can get this treatment done from almost any clinic in Islamabad. But Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is the best place to get your teeth whitening done from. They use the latest techniques and machinery to ensure the best results. Book your free consultation appointment with Royal Clinic and get treated today!

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