Astrology and its uses for the betterment of human life go beyond most forms of comprehension. Its varying signs, planets, and constellations have different effects on the nature of the person we are and the relationships we form with others. Among the planets that affect our personality, Venus is the one that plays the biggest role in displaying what a person is in terms of displaying affection and forming authentic bonds. Thus, a person’s love life highly depends on their Venus placement. Pankaj Shashtri Ji, a leading astrologer, states that having Venus as a ruling planet in your astrological profile eases the process of finding the right love problem solution. Furthermore, it signifies that your ability to attract people and display affection is the best among all others. Thus, this single planet makes all the difference in your one-sided love life, relationship, and marriage. 

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Zodiac Signs Ruled by Venus That Make it Easy to Implement Love Marriage Problem Solution 

Different zodiac signs have different ruling planets, which provides the person bearing the sign with a certain different set of leading innate character traits. Along with this, it has a direct effect on your relationships as well. The two signs that have Venus as their ruling planet and help the most in implementing the love marriage problem solution are Taurus and Libra. Both these are blessed by Venus and provide these sign holders with innate characteristics like gentleness, compassion, and patience. These are the three most important characteristics required to make any healthy relationship work, with trust and affection at its core. 

love marriage problem solution

Astrological compatibility is given huge weightage in many religions as they believe the opposing or unappealing ruling planets can pose problems to a relationship, no matter its depth. 

Ways To Solve The Incompatibility Of Venus

When you and your partner’s Venus planet do not align with each other and are weak to a point where it is apparent that you both will have compatibility issues, then you need to start approaching Venus’ blessings. The blessing of Venus is necessary to ensure that your relationship bears enough positive traits to conduct helpful conversations and arguments that find a solution rather than a bigger problem. Pankaj Shashtri Ji states that in relationships with a lack of Venus’ blessings, one often seeks the one side love problem solution as they do not think their love is being reciprocated. Primarily because of a lack of good communication,

One Sided Love Problems Solution
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Thus, to resolve this issue and get Venus on your side, use these rituals and methods included in the love problem solution offered by expert astrologers. 

1. Burn Pink Candles

On the day of Venus, i.e., Friday, burn a pink candle. On it, put a slip with your name on one side and your crush or partner’s name on the other. Put some rose scent around it, along with glitter. Burn the candle and ensure that it exhausts out. 

2. Use Honey Jar

To sweeten things up in your relationship, take a slip and write your crush or partner’s name on it, and then put it in a jar of honey for 48 hours. After you take it out, you will see things become better and easier in your relationship. 

3. Easen Your Environment

To invite more positive energy to flow between you and your partner, use camphor with a good essence and burn it in your house. The affectionate smell will bring lightness to the entire environment and reduce stress and anxiety. Thereby making it easy to establish effective communication. 

4. Wear Amulets

Amulets, protective bracelets, and pendants reduce the effect of anger and desperation, especially if your ruling planets are like Aries. These are known to make a notable change in bettering a person’s temper by making them take a less aggressive approach to every little thing. 

5. Avoid Dark Spaces

Dark spaces are often associated with voids, isolation, and bad energies. When working on building a positive relationship, you should live in positive environments as much as possible. Natural lighting is always known to bring positive energies and help in wishful thinking and maintaining hope, which is essential to manage the ups and downs in any relationship. 


If these ways do not prove to be the best love problem solution for you, then your case is hard enough to require the help of an on-field expert like Pankaj Shashtri Ji. Known for his numerous service provisions and guaranteed help, he is the best astrologer that you can contact. All you need to do is go to his website and book a consultation today!

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