Kunti betta


Kunti betta hills consist of two rocky hills surrounded by coconut trees, rice paddies, and sugarcane fields Kunti Betta is another eye-soothing hill located in Mandya district in the state of Karnataka, 112 kilometres from Bangalore. Pandavas are said to have taken exile in this location, which is why it is also known as Pandavapura. The hill’s difficulty level is kept in the moderate range.

It takes about two hours to climb the hill from the bottom. Kunti Betta is also well-known for a temple with a pond at its foothill, which is popular with pilgrims. The forest trek begins close to the pond. The area is rich in natural beauty, with paddy fields, coconut trees, and lush vegetation.

Kunti Betta night trek 

This Kunti Betta night trek takes you up a fun climb in the dark. With alert senses and tingling nerves, you’ll use flashlights to climb the easy 2 km stretch, listening to the sounds of nocturnal animals and birds as you make your way up with your group. 

There are some rocky outcrops and boulders to climb, and you’ll enjoy the feeling of being the only person on the planet. At the summit, you’ll relax around a campfire and hear stories about the rocky hill. You’ll have a couple of hours to sleep under open skies before waking up to a beautiful sunrise over Pandavapura Lake. Kunti Betta is a rocky hill located in Pandavapura, 125 kilometers from Bangalore. 

The hill has paths that take you over massive boulders and rocks, and it gets steeper as you ascend. Views of Pandavapura lake and sugarcane fields are spectacular from the peak. 

Pandavapura village and Kunti Betta are mentioned in numerous historical folk tales dating back to the Mahabharatha. When the Pandavas were exiled, it is said that they stayed here for a short time, and their mother Kunti fell in love with the hill, naming it Kunti Betta. Night trekking has a different feel for every adventurer. Night trekking is thrilling. Trekking in the dark and silent atmosphere of the night is an experience that cannot be described.


The peak of Kunti Betta is 950 metres high. Kunti Betta’s rocks make it an ideal location for rappelling. The ascent and descent are both steep, making it a challenge for adventure seekers. This activity has its own thrill and is best enjoyed by experienced hikers.

Boating and Fishing: 

Boating and fishing are two of the most popular activities among tourists in Thonnur Lake. The boats are commonly referred to as “dinghy,” and they are a lot of fun to ride. Boating across the lake is a popular activity that people of all ages enjoy. Thonnur Lake also has fishing opportunities. This lake allows visitors to go fishing. 

Steep, slick rock faces 30-40 degree gradient

A deserted mountain:

– There aren’t many trees or springs along the way.

– During monsoons, some stone imprints may have stored water within them.

– A haven for newcomers and a piece of cake for regulars.

We followed our trek leader’s instructions while wearing torches. The first stretch was through a clearing that led to the hill. This was the easy part of the journey. I noticed the path was surrounded by boulders in the dim night light. The path narrowed almost halfway through the hike, passing between massive boulders. We had to push ourselves through the gap and drop our bags through the passage.

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