Boasting a lovely series of herbal wonders like dense forests, interesting hiking trails, mysterious caves, and spell binding waterfalls, Ananthagiri is the ideal vacation spot for a weekend getaway for nature lovers. The presence of Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple additionally makes Ananthagiri Hills a factor of non secular importance.

While there is lots to do in Ananthagiri Hills, being gift amidst the calmness of nature can frequently encourage vacationers to increase their trip. If you rely yourselves among such vacationers, we’ve were given desirable information for you. You won’t ought to spend a while losing interest on your resort room or revisiting locations that you’ve already been to with this listing of locations to go to close to Ananthagiri Hills.

You can also try Ananthagare Trek, which is in Bangalore.

Top eight Places to visit Near Ananthagiri Hills

Chilkur Balaji Temple

One of the best temples in India that isn’t always operated with the aid of using the Government of India, The Chilkur Balaji Temple, or Visa Balaji Temple is specific in lots of aspects. For starters, the temple has no unique provisions for any form of VIPs. Moreover, the temple does now no longer be given any form of donations from the traveling devotees.

One of the oldest temples in Telangana, the temple is surrounded with the aid of using a wealthy records and a few captivating mythological tales. Thanks to this combination, the temple draws about 75,000-a hundred,000 devotees each week.

Interestingly, the temple were given its name, Visa Balaji Temple because it got here to be related to enjoyable the desire of devotees that aspire to settle in a overseas country. Legend says with the aid of using finishing 11 “parikramas” or revolutions of the temple, you’ll be able to desire for his or her visa utility to get approved. Once it’s miles done, the devotees (in step with the ritual) are required to go back to the temple and whole 108 “parikramas” as a gesture of gratitude for the Gods.

The holy importance of the vacation spot makes it one of the great locations to go to close to Ananthagiri Hills for family.

Mrugavani National Park

Spread over 850 acres, the Mrugavani National Park is smaller than its opposite numbers withinside the region. However, what it lacks in size, it makes up for withinside the form of vegetation and indeginous fauna it homes. The region changed into introduced as a National Park in 1994 and homes animals like black-naped hares, India vipers, and foxes.

I actual range however, is of the avian fauna withinside the region. With over a hundred species of birds gift here, Mrugavani National Park is of unique hobby for the chook watchers. The governing government of the park additionally organise a guided flora and fauna safari, that is possibly the great manner to head across the essential regions of the park.

Singur Dam

Located in Telangana, Singur Dam is certainly considered one among the largest dams withinside the vicinity. The dam is answerable for gratifying the irrigation, ingesting water, and hydroelectric desires of the town of Hyderabad. Surrounded via way of means of lush inexperienced woodland cover, the sight of the expansive dam is one to behold.

The deep waters of the dam also are domestic to approximately one thousand crocodiles. Tourists from all close by regions have became this dam right into a famous traveler vacation spot and thus, one of the locations to go to round Ananthagiri Hills.

Ocean Park

One of the primary topic parks close to Hyderabad, the Ocean Park gives tourists to experience a amusing day trip, irrespective of their age or who they’re traveling with. The component is located approximately 20 kilometers from Hyderabad town centre, in an expansive vicinity that homes an entertainment park and a water park.

Filled to the brim with journey swimming pools and amusing rides, the Ocean Park is a nearby favorite, with regards to making plans a amusing day trip with the family. If you’re executed traveling the Ananthagiri Hills, and feature a while for your hands, traveling Ocean Park may also nicely the pleasant element you could do with it.

Osman Sagar Lake

Created via way of means of Nizam Osmal Ali Khan, the Osman Sagar Lake is an synthetic lake that turned into created because the end result of a dam construction, additionally undertaken via way of means of the equal Nizam. The lake gives breathtaking herbal perspectives and additionally has an awe-inspiring palace overlooking it, which turned into traditionally used as a summer time season retreat via way of means of the Nizam.


Also every so often referred to as Gandipet Lake, the vacation spot is a favourite picnic spot many of the traffic. For the ones seeking to splurge, the Nizam’s former summer time season domestic has now been became a hotel this is operated via way of means of the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department. The palace gives traffic a hazard to revel in the existence of aristocracy in a dreamy and serene lakeside accommodation, making it one of the pleasant locations to go to close to Ananthagiri Hills for couples.

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