Location and its specialty:

Skandagiri trek is also called Kallavara Durga, which is considered to be a mountain fortress at a distance of 60-63km from Bangalore in the Chikkaballapura region of Karnataka. And as per guidelines and instructions of guides, Kalavara village is about and around 2.5-3km from Chikballapur. Skandagiri Hill’s elevation is taken to be 4750-4757 feet above sea level and trekking duration is mostly estimated to be around 3-4 hours based on speed, interest, and capabilities of the trekkers as it is considered to be a journey of 4km round off if you return may be more than this if shortcuts are unavailable or unknown. It is unexpectedly considered one of the amazing night trekking spots in India, to exclaim the joy of witnessing the supreme power of sunrise. Skandagiri temple at the hilltop is dedicated to lord shiva’s rigorous chime and divinity. 

What are trekking and night trekking:

Trekking or trekking is a well-known outdoor activity of walking for more than one day that involves exploration and sightseeing along with great physical exercise in the lap of nature. Tracking is performed either with a motive or with some objective, it may also have some kind of commitment and aim to yourself or members who had joined you from your family or friends or even the group mates you are with. Trekking tests ability as well as physical, mental, and psychological endurance. 

Night trekking is a popular but not-so-easy escapade. It is something where a solitary hiker or a small group of hikers walk through the night across a decided area to find out their destination of pleasure and explore new sights. It’s not that the trek starts at night and you need to wake up the whole night and travel but it’s just halfway traveling during the night then camping or just a bit rest and then a new start in the early morning by 3:15 am.

The biggest challenge is that no well-established track area is found as a result it can be both exciting as well as extreme situations as extremely windy weather along with cold vibes and quite dry, dusky, and shabby vegetation will attract your eye unexpectedly. Thus, the passes and number of people allotted and allowed to go on the journey are always limited and arranged in groups of a minimum of 10-15 people and a maximum of 20-25 people. The difficulty level is considered to be ranging from easy to moderate.  

Basic requirements and preparation:

Trips require passes and an entry fee that is estimated to be 150 passes and 250/- entry fees respectively. According to research 150 is the per day allotted number of people to visit the place. Good for weekend trips from Bangalore. Travel agencies and bookings are available online sites and this can be availed in the tourism phase as well as in weekly offers. People near or in and around Banglore can have an escape from their busy schedule on the weekends. 

Trekking and hiking can be performed based on the preferences of the tourists. Basic requirements include bag packing with breathable stockings and socks, hiking shoes, a torch, a water bottle, sunscreen, a jacket, a camera, and a first aid kit. Good knowledge of weather forecasts and conditions. 

The trekking journey is considered to be beginning from Papagni temple and end here too. One can reach the beginning and the ending spot by bus or by auto-rikshaw. Paid parking is available for nearby people and also for those who are frequent. Visitors or spend weekend days most of the time. Pick-up and drop facilities are also available for those who have already. Booked through agencies online and even for those who tried it in offline mode after reaching the respective stay points.

Other night trekking stores:

The treks mentioned below are nearly 100-130km away. From the Skandagiri trek making them another easy option for people to explore more.

-Ramanagara Night Trek: It has seven mystical hills that. Attract people, along with lush green greenery yards, and majestic hill beauty. Difficulty mode ranges from easy to moderate.  It is nearly 55km away from Skandagiri hill. 

-Anthargange Night Trek: It is 70-80 km away from the. Skandagiri hill trek and the difficulty level ranges again from easy to moderate mode.

-Kunti Betta Night Trek: 

Lush vegetation it is around 120 km away and has a mythological. Reference to Mata Kunti who is the mother of Pandavas. You can see the Kunti Kund and other important tales around in the sports. And many more

-Savandurga Night Trek: It is the largest monolith in Asia to showcase breathtaking views and a climb of around 60km.

Places to visit near Skandagiri hill: 

Lepaskhi Temple, Nandi Hill, Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple. And Tipu Sultan Fort adds a mysterious aura to. The surrounding and the visitors’ eye has 2 caves and 6 samadhis. This weakened getaway for people living in and around Bangalore. These spots are really great for easy slip-downs in the new sunlight for some time.

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