Gautam Adani, has always believed in expanding his business profile as a part of his business strategy. As a result, the conglomerate he has built with sheer hard work has always been venturing into new sectors to expand its horizon and bring about economic prosperity in India. Quite recently, the Group has also entered the Indian news industry. By doing so, it will be able to acquire control over one of the most competitive markets in India. It will also be able to increase its supply value chain and give its business an excellent boost.

What Is the Main Reason Behind Adani Group’s Interest in The News Industry?

There are multiple reasons for the Adani Group to show interest in the Indian news industry. By being a part of the Indian news industry, the Adani Group will find it easy to articulate its strategies, ideas, and vision on various trending issues. It will be able to share insights on its various projects and build an excellent corporate image for itself. This new venture will allow the Adani Group to respond quickly to multiple conflicts. It will help the conglomerate carry out strategic communication and hold an influential role in society. The hold over the Indian news industry is also a good way for the Adani Group to expand its business venture and diversify its portfolio.

The Adani Group’s First Venture into The News Sector:

In December 2022, Gautam Adani made his first entry into the news sector. The conglomerate made an announcement that involved acquiring 65% of NDTV, one of the biggest news channels in India. The Adani Group already held 37% of NDTV after an open offer and an acquisition of a company owned by founders Prannoy and Radhika Roy. There were many attempts made by NDTV to block the takeover, but all these attempts were unsuccessful.

The AMG Media Network, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Adani Group, is presently the largest single shareholder in NDTV. The port-to-energy conglomerate’s takeover of NDTV is one of the most significant ventures of the Adani Group in the new sectors. It throws light on Gautam Adani’s dream of acquiring control over some of the major sectors of the world. The shares of NDTV consequently surged nearly 55% to a record high in the days following the news of Adani’s takeover plans.

The Strategic Acquisition of Quintillion Business Media Pvt. Ltd.:

According to the latest Adani news, the Adani Group has bought the remaining 51% stake in Quintillion Business Media Pvt. Ltd. (QBML). QBML handles the business and financial news digital media platform BQ Prime. This is another big venture taken up by the Adani Group in the Indian news sector. After this acquisition, the billionaire, Gautam Adani, will fully control the Raghav Bahl curated digital business news platform. The Adani Group’s stakes in Quintillion Business Media Pvt. Ltd. was the conglomerate’s first big step in the Indian news industry after its purchase of a 65% stake in NDTV. AMG Media Network had previously bought nearly 49% shares in QBML for INR 47.84 crores. After this recent purchase of shares, QBML has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Adani Group.

BQ Prime was earlier known as Bloomberg Quint. It was a joint venture between Bloomberg Media and Quintillion Media. Bloomberg exited the agreement in March 2022, and shortly after that, the Adani Group turned its attention to Quintillion Media. In fact, the Adani Group had set up AMG Media Network to enter into the business of advertising, publishing, and broadcasting over different media networks. In May 2022, AMG Media entered into an agreement with QML to acquire QBML strategically. 

In December 2021, AMG Media Network appointed journalist Sanjay Pugalia as the leader of Adani Media Ventures, a media-focused company of the Adani Group. Since then, the subsidiary has been keen on buying shares of some of the most popular business venture company names in the news industry. 

To End With:

In this way, the Adani Group has gradually extended its reach in the news and media sector.

Today, it has even become one of the most popular names in the industry, and with time, it has plans to expand its exposure further and gain control over other big names in the media industry. 

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